Don’t Miss ‘Freedom Riders’ Tonight

Fifty years ago, on May 4, 1961, thirteen Americans—7 black, 6 white—departed Washington, D.C., on Greyhound and Trailways buses with the intent of challenging Jim Crow travel laws in the Deep South. They called themselves the Freedom Riders. Eventually 450 different people—75% of them under the age of 30—would take part in the months-long journey. Their final […]

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Who Would You Take a Bullet For?

As I continue to process the news about Osama bin Laden’s death, one particular aspect of the raid on his compound really intrigues me: That a woman was fatally shot during the action. At first we were told the woman was one of bin Laden’s wives. Now that doesn’t seem to be the case. Early […]

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On the Way To Jerusalem

Clarity of purpose. That’s what I sometimes lack. When I find myself discouraged, depressed, disheartened, or merely disinterested, it’s usually because I’ve forgotten my purpose. Lack of purpose is what drew me to the Lord in the first place. Before I knew Christ, my heart ached from the unanswered question, What’s the point? The point, […]

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Of Boxes and Battles

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Well, boxes and paint samples. That’s what my life has consisted of recently. Our family just moved. And we love our new house. But I’m weary of the boxes. First we had to pack everything we owned into boxes. Now we’re unpacking all those same things out of their boxes. And here’s […]

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