A Tribute to Tamar

Yesterday I read the following tweet from Mark Driscoll: And when I read it, I let out a huge sigh. Because of all the people Driscoll could’ve chosen from the genealogy of Jesus to make his point, he just had to pick Tamar. As a woman, I get tired of people—especially influential men—picking on Tamar.

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About Face

“A man’s face is his autobiography.” –Oscar Wilde Have you ever given thought to how God uses your face to bring Himself glory? I hadn’t. Until this summer, when I heard Dan Allender speak at an “Art of Storytelling” seminar. In his talk, Allender said (among many other profound things), “It is the work of […]

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Removing the Shame of a Name

. Naming babies is a sacred affair in Indian Hindu culture. Ten days after a baby is born, the extended family conducts an elaborate naming ceremony known traditionally as Namakaran Sanskar. The name of the child is carefully chosen by a specific family member (which can vary regionally). But what if the name your family […]

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Taking the Teeth Out of the Tiger

No doubt many of you followed the recent controversy surrounding Amy Chua’s Wall Street Journal article, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” which was excerpted from her new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. For those who might have missed it, here’s a recap: Chua writes a book describing the parenting philosophy she adhered to […]

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