A Tribute to Tamar

Yesterday I read the following tweet from Mark Driscoll: And when I read it, I let out a huge sigh. Because of all the people Driscoll could’ve chosen from the genealogy of Jesus to make his point, he just had to pick Tamar. As a woman, I get tired of people—especially influential men—picking on Tamar.

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The Holidays and the Undocumented

Something isn’t sitting well with me. GOP Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann drew fire from Bill O’Reilly this past Monday when she clarified her stance on undocumented immigrants while being interviewed on his Fox News show. O’Reilly was following up on a statement Bachman made last Saturday at Mike Huckabee’s presidential forum (also on Fox News.) […]

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If I Only Had a Brain

“Show me a young conservative and I’ll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old liberal and I’ll show you someone with no brains.” The quote above is often attributed to Winston Churchill. Turns out he probably didn’t ever say that. A similar phrase was first uttered by 19th-century statesman François Guizot. Whatever […]

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Scatology Theology

Scatology (noun): the study of or preoccupation with excrement. In literature, “scatological” is a term used to describe works that make particular reference to excretion or excrement, as well as to toilet humor. (Wikipedia) The following is not typical subject matter for me. As a mom of 8- and 9-year-old boys, I’m usually trying to […]

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No Back-Up Plan

I only applied to one college. In hindsight, that wasn’t the smartest strategy. But during my junior year of high school I visited TCU, fell in love with it, and immediately decided to go there. My parents generously provided abundant resources for me to attend college, and I graduated near the top of my high […]

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What Can We Learn from Clement?

I’m in Colorado this summer, taking classes at the lay seminary the organization I work for hosts every other summer. One of my text books is Church History in Plain Language by Bruce L. Shelley. I read a fascinating passage in the book about Clement of Alexandria, who is known as “the first Christian scholar.” 

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