Love Letter To Wikipedia

Dear Wikipedia, I think you are the greatest invention in the history of the world. Sure, your critics complain about systemic bias, reliability, accuracy, blah blah blah. Students can’t even use you as a source for their research papers. But I love you for your organic, democratic, instantly-gratifying, ever-informing ways. What did I do before […]

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My Favorite Inventions Of The Year

Last week TIME magazine featured “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009”. TIME awarded the top spot to NASA’s new Ares rockets. Tough to top that. But I’m listing some of my favorites: #5 Controller-Free Gaming – Microsoft’s “Project Natal” brings TRON to reality. And you thought your Wii was cool. #6 Teleportation – OK, so […]

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What Makes A House A Home?

Two years ago our family of five moved into the house we currently live in. I was so excited about our new place, and anxious to get us settled in. One afternoon while I was unpacking boxes, my kids asked me to join them in playing a game. I told them I was too busy […]

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