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Christians and Tipping, Part 2


I’ve had a big response to my last post, “Christians and Tipping.”

One particular question several of you have asked is, “But what if our waiter gives us bad service?”

I think that’s a great question. And here’s my answer:  (more…)

Christians and Tipping



Every other summer, the ministry I work for invades the college town of Fort Collins, CO. For the months of June and July, about 1000 of us (and our many children) come live and study on or near the campus of Colorado State University. During the last week of July, another 4000 (again, plus kids) join us.

It’s impossible not to notice us. At the apartment complex where my family is living, for example: Even though a remnant of college students stay here for summer school, the security guards are much more concerned about kids riding their scooters too fast (and too early in the morning) through the parking lot full of minivans than they are about having to shut down a late night party that got a little too rambunctious.

The local merchants have mixed feelings about our biannual arrival. Some look forward to the increase in business and even hang welcome signs for us in their windows.

Others, not so much. Last week one of my friends overheard one server at a restaurant say to another, “Oh no, the Christians are coming. Here comes a summer of bad tips.”  (more…)

How Much Would It Take?

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A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about feeling wealthy—as opposed to actually being wealthy—called “The Relativity of Prosperity.”

Now it’s déjà vu all over again.

In March Fidelity Investments released the results of their latest Millionaire Outlook, “an in-depth survey analyzing the investing attitudes and behaviors of more than 1,000 millionaire households.”

Do you know what they discovered?

42% of American millionaires do not feel wealthy.

How much would it take for them to feel wealthy?

$7.5 million

How much would it take for you to feel wealthy?

To read more of Fidelity’s 2011 Millionaire Outlook results, click here.

Is It Okay To Be Rich?


I recently posted about how two of Randy Alcorn’s books significantly shaped my life. I also recommend his blog, Eternal Perspectives. Alcorn mostly writes about his passions: generous living, heaven, and the pro-life movement. His latest book—which he has been posting about recently—is called If God Is Good: Faith in the Midst of Suffering and Evil.

He also recently began a weekly series where he answers readers’ questions. I thought today’s post, Choosing A God-Honoring Lifestyle, was very helpful. Alcorn answers the question:

“Do you believe that everyone should live modestly? How do you measure this? Should everyone have the same amount, or are some called to wealth and others not?”

In essence he answered the question, “Is it okay to be rich?”

Because I’m very rich* and I follow Jesus, I thought the answer was quite pertinent. To read Alcorn’s response, click here.

*As a middle-class American, I am easily within the top 5% of the world’s wealthiest people.

The Relativity of Prosperity


The Wall Street Journal published an article last week entitled, “Wealth-Less Effect: Earning Well, Feeling Otherwise”. It’s about how Americans who make close to the bottom of the salary cutoff for President Obama’s proposed tax increase—$250,000 a year—are feeling.

The article features one particular family of five who live in Sieverville, TN, and make right at $250,000. They feel as though they are outgrowing their 2500 sq.ft. home, but are now “skittish about renovations”. From the article:

“I’m not complaining, but the reality is Obama may call me wealthy, but I thought we were just good old middle class,” says Ms. Parnell. “Our needs are being met, but we don’t have a load of cash to cover wants.”

My thought was, “How does someone who is actually in the top 2% of the American income bracket become so out of touch with reality that she actually considers herself ‘in the middle’?”  (more…)