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A Tribute to Tamar

Yesterday I read the following tweet from Mark Driscoll:

driscoll tweet

And when I read it, I let out a huge sigh.

Because of all the people Driscoll could’ve chosen from the genealogy of Jesus to make his point, he just had to pick Tamar.

As a woman, I get tired of people—especially influential men—picking on Tamar.


The Holidays and the Undocumented

Something isn’t sitting well with me.

GOP Presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann drew fire from Bill O’Reilly this past Monday when she clarified her stance on undocumented immigrants while being interviewed on his Fox News show. O’Reilly was following up on a statement Bachman made last Saturday at Mike Huckabee’s presidential forum (also on Fox News.) Bachmann stated that if she became President, she planned to deport all 10-12 million undocumented immigrants from our country.


God Made A Promise: Our Family’s Advent Tradition


Every year I look forward to December 1.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving our family goes out for breakfast, then picks out a REAL Christmas tree. The same morning we begin playing holiday music.

But we wait until December 1 to begin our readings from God Made A Promise, the advent book I put together several years ago.

When my kids were still babies, my friend Tracy helped me think through creative ways to help my family focus on Christ during the Christmas season.  (more…)

My Favorite Christmas Books For Young Children

xmas books4

We always haul our Christmas bins out of storage on the day after Thanksgiving. One of my favorite things to re-discover each year is our collection of beautiful Christmas books for children. They sit out on our coffee table or in a leather basket next to the couch, and we take turns reading them to each other throughout the season.

As part of my series on favorite children’s books, I thought I’d list the cream of our Christmas crop: