Prayer Request for More Prayer


Twice a year the missions organization I work for sets aside an entire day to pray. For one day in October and one in April all of us around the world stop our ministry activity and get on our knees to do the real work of the kingdom.

And twice a year, I balk at the idea. Because I’m a prayer pansy.

In theory a Day of Prayer sounds great to me. But this year, as always, as the appointed day (today) drew near, I came up with 1000 reasons to not pray, 1000 things that seemed more urgent to do than pray.

A part of me believes, knows even, that the most important “work” we ever do is prayer. But obviously there’s some disconnect going on in my soul about prayer. Because if I really believed prayer is the ministry, I would pray a lot more and “do” a lot less.

So this is my request to any who would come to my aid: Please pray that my life would be filled with more prayer, and less busyness.

Also, please feel free to share with me any tips, resources, whatever, that help you in your own prayer life. I found a great collection of quotes about prayer at this website.

By the way, I did take part in our Day of Prayer today. Purely as an act of the will, I set aside my “to do” list and joined about 100 others who serve with our ministry in the Austin area. And do you know what? The experience was completely delightful. It always is.

I’m so glad I didn’t miss it. Nations shifted today in response to our prayers.

And all that “stuff” I didn’t do today will get done another day.

One thought on “Prayer Request for More Prayer

  1. Father, remind my sister that prayer is primarily about being with You, a conversation with a loving Father. It includes asking, but so much more it is worship, adoring, thanking and LISTENING. It is wonderful alone and with others. May she hunger and thirst for that sweet conversation.

    Stephanie, I love praying. I do it a lot, but not nearly enough. The WWDOP is usually not my favorite going in. I like praying alone, or with a small group. Not so fond of “turn in your groups” to pray for these requests. But I think God is so pleased when we set aside the job and come together to do the real work–on our knees. I believe power and effectiveness multiplies when pray together. I totally understand your feelings, though. Okay, I'm rambling. Be blessed.


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