21 Ways To Support Women With Unplanned Pregnancies


In my previous post I made an argument for why we should support women with unplanned pregnancies. In this post I’ll share some ideas on how:

  • Find a great pregnancy support center and donate funds to it. The people there are already doing this work, and often on a shoe-string budget. Two agencies my husband and I support and highly recommend are New Life Pregnancy Center in Northwest Houston and Bethany Christian Services (offices nationwide).
  • Volunteer at a pregnancy support center. Receive training on how to counsel women. Or just sweep the floors and file some paperwork.
  • Organize a fundraiser for a pregnancy center.
  • Take part in a fundraiser by donating items or services for a raffle, or inviting friends to play in a golf tournament.
  • Donate services as a web designer to create, maintain, or improve the center’s website.
  • Ask to be put on a pregnancy center’s prayer request/pressing needs email distribution list, in order to stay informed about specific ways to help like…
  • Hand down gently used baby clothes and baby gear for them to store and give to women at their time of need.
  • Organize the storage place for those donations.
  • Teach a pregnant woman how to create—and live within—a budget.
  • Help her learn how to reduce her debt.
  • Help her apply for WIC and then teach her how to navigate that system.
  • Just listen to her and be her friend.
  • Drive her to the doctor for her check-ups.
  • Donate a car so she can drive herself to the doctor.
  • Commit to becoming her birthing partner. Take her to birthing classes. Stand by her side through labor and delivery.
  • Provide a temporary home for her.
  • Purchase her baby’s formula and bottles ($50-$100/month for one year).
  • Purchase her baby’s diapers ($30-$40/month for 2-3 years).
  • Pay for, or personally provide, childcare so she can finish high school or receive job training.
  • Knit a blanket for her new baby.
  • Pray for her.

This list is by no means exhaustive. What ideas would you add? In what other ways can we come alongside women experiencing unplanned pregnancies?

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