Why Christianity Is Either Completely Wrong Or The Only True Religion


I believe no one will be granted entrance into heaven because of their own goodness.

I believe the only way to enter heaven is through Jesus Christ.

I could be wrong.

But after investigating the claims of Christ—as well as the major tenets of many other religions—when I was a young adult, I became convinced Jesus was exactly who He said He was:

The Son of God.

The ruler of all creation.

Completely sinless.

Who sacrificed his life as a substitute for mine, so that if I turned from my sin and turned over control of my life to Him, would advocate for me before God the Father, who would therefore adopt me, making me one of His children, along with Jesus and every other person in the world who also placed their trust in Him.

I became so convinced that I went “all in”—for the past 20 years I have worked full-time as a missionary.

I know many would classify my beliefs as narrow. Bigoted. Unenlightened. Ridiculous.

And I understand.

But let me explain…

It’s possible God doesn’t exist.

It’s also possible that God does exist, but He is not the Christian God.

But one thing I know to be true: Jesus is not one of many ways to God (or heaven.)

Most Americans I talk with have a really hard time accepting the idea that there is only one way to God. If God is loving, how could only provide one way?

But consider this:

Why would a loving God sacrifice his son to pay for the sins of humankind, if there was another way? How could a loving God allow his son to be tormented and tortured to death, if there were other options?

The night before He was crucified, Jesus—knowing His betrayal and death were close at hand—cried out:

“My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me…”

But it wasn’t possible.

It was the only way.

He is the only way.

2 thoughts on “Why Christianity Is Either Completely Wrong Or The Only True Religion

  1. you are still the Cheese I knew so many years ago! I would love to connect my blog to yours so I can remember to check up more on you and yours. Is that OK by you? Love the post.


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