The Power Of Grandmothers

TIME magazine recently interviewed Sanjit “Bunker” Roy, founder of Barefoot College. He shared:

“We work a lot in Africa. Men are ambitious and restless, and all they want is a certificate. And the moment you give them a certificate, they leave the village and go to the city. So we began training illiterate rural grandmothers to be engineers—solar engineers. So far, we have trained 140 grandmothers in 100 villages in Africa, and they have solar-electrified about 10,000 homes. Not one has migrated to the city…

The socioeconomic impact of solar-electrifying just one village is immense. People can work for three more hours because they have light. Children are reading and writing for the first time. Women can cook outdoors with a solar lantern, away from the smoky, cramped indoor kitchens that can cause asthma. The invisible spin-off effects that you get are absolutely extraordinary.”

To learn more about Barefoot College, and how you can get involved, click here.

One thought on “The Power Of Grandmothers

  1. Love it, Stephanie. Keep telling it. Believers need to understand the whole gospel and what can be done. And even if we are called to a focus on e and d, some of our disciples are the exact ones God will call to go and make a difference–if we tell them the whole truth.


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