Reflections on LOST: Comparative Religions


This post is fourth in a series on my lingering thoughts on the finale of the TV show LOST.

In my last post I posed the question: Does each religion simply reflect a different facet of the same truth? Are all the world’s religions right?

This seemed to be the view taken by LOST. And I think it’s the view held by most Americans. But are the world’s different belief systems really compatible with each other?

In the table below I have assembled the basic tenets of the six major religions represented on the interfaith window displayed in LOST’s finale**:

World Religions Chart

Can you see the difficulty in resolving the conflicts in logic between any two of the worldviews represented? Let alone all six?

What do you make of all this? I’ll share some of my own thoughts next

**Apologies: For the sake of space, I’ve had to make broad generalizations about the beliefs of each religion. To find out more about each religion—as well as dozens of other belief systems—you might enjoy starting with The Big Religion Chart, from which I borrowed heavily.

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