Reflections on LOST: The Stained Glass Window


This post is third in a series on my lingering thoughts about the series finale of the TV show LOST.

One thing I loved about LOST is that the producers were not afraid to take on Life’s Big Questions:

  • Why am I here? Is there a larger purpose to life? Or is “this” all there is?
  • What happens after we die? Will I ever see my lost loved ones again?
  • Why must we experience pain? Is it just random, or is their meaning in it?
  • Can my past be forgiven?
  • Has my life been pre-ordained? Or do I have control over my own destiny?
  • Is there a god or gods? What is/are they like? How involved are they in daily human life?

LOST’s producers didn’t give definitive answers—even in the finale. Throughout the series they incorporated key themes and imagery from a variety of religions. Christian archetypes and iconography were featured most often. But I believe the producers desired to equally validate all belief systems. Recall, particularly, the prominent staging of the interfaith stained glass window in the final moments of the show:


What do you think? Does each religion simply reflect a different facet of the same truth? Are all the world’s religions right?

I’ll write more about the six religions represented in the stained glass window next

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