What Does It Mean To Be A White Ally?


White Allies (def.): Those members of the dominant culture (in the United States), who actively resist the role of the oppressor, and who act as allies of people of color. (Wikipedia)

As a white American, have you ever wondered what you can do to fight racism in our country? Maybe like me you have been moved to the point of discomfort and even anger at the racism not only in your own heart, but also the systemic racism in our culture? Have you ever thought, It’s not enough to just stop acting overtly racist…I want to do something positive to change the current situation?

In my own journey toward becoming a white ally—I still have a long way to go—I found an article entitled “Checklist for Allies Against Racism” by Dr. John Raible very helpful. I am particularly challenged by Part 2: “Problem Areas Where Some Individuals Get Stuck.”

I hope you find Raible’s article helpful too. In my next post I’ll write a little more about some of the complexities in becoming a successful white ally.

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