My Favorite Inventions Of The Year

tweeting cap

Last week TIME magazine featured “The 50 Best Inventions of 2009”. TIME awarded the top spot to NASA’s new Ares rockets. Tough to top that. But I’m listing some of my favorites:

#5 Controller-Free Gaming – Microsoft’s “Project Natal” brings TRON to reality. And you thought your Wii was cool.

#6 Teleportation – OK, so really it’s just quantum information processing. University of Maryland’s Joint Quantum Institute successfully teleported data from one atom to another in a container a meter away by having one atom transform the other so it acts just like the original. Beam me up.

#9 Tweeting By Thinking – A University of Wisconsin doctoral student tweeted characters by focusing on each letter while wearing a specially-made electrode cap. (See picture above.) Top speed achieved so far: 8 characters per minute. What message did he send? “USING EEG TO SEND TWEET.”

#10 Electric Eyes – MIT researchers help blind people regain partial eyesight by implanting a microchip incased by titanium onto a patient’s eyeball. Way better than Geordi La Forge’s visor.

#34 The Human-Powered Vending Machine – A Barcelona man attached a stationary bike to a vending machine so a customer who wanted a product would have to pedal a certain distance to get it. Brilliant.

To read the full list, plus descriptions, click here.

Photo credit: David Nevala

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