I Twit

Twitter Fail!

I’m a social media girl
Living in a social media world;
But the truth of the matter
Has slowly unfurled:

Facebook I love
And blogging is fine;
But Twitter, I’m afraid,
Was a pain in the behind.

I gave it a shot. I thought
It might be fun; yet
Twitter turned out to be
Mostly redundant.

So don’t look for me
In the Twittersphere;
To find me online
You’ll have to click here

At InfiniteQueso.com,
Where I aim to please
By serving my readers
Endless helpings of cheese.

From now on when I want
To share humor and wit,
I won’t have to worry
About how I can fit

My ideas into one-forty
Characters or less.
(On Twitter there’s no place
To simply digress.)

To my small group of followers:
I appreciate you.
But as of today
I’m officially through

With tweets and the blue bird
Who does like to flit.
I’m finished. It’s over.
Sayonara. I twit.

[Editor’s note: In October 2011, I ate my words and re-joined Twitter! You can follow me at @stephnannen.]

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