The Church And Health Care

Yesterday I posted a summary of an excellent editorial by George Barna entitled, “Jesus’ Health Care Planq”. The article reminded me of something Tony Evans wrote in his systematic theology, What A Way To Live!. He describes four concentric “circles of responsibility”:

He utilizes these circles to illustrate who is responsible for a man. So, first someone should take care of himself. If he isn’t able, then his family cares for him. If the family is not able, then the church cares for him. If the church is unable, then the government cares for him.*

I don’t really know if more government involvement in U.S. health care is a good idea or not. But I do know that poor Americans often do not receive adequate health care. And somebody needs to do something.

What if the American Church (myself included) would rise up and answer our call to take care of the poor and disenfranchised? Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Church was doing such a good job caring for the sick that we wouldn’t even need to have the debate about socialized medicine?

Public health care in the U.S. used to be almost exclusively provided for by the Church. I’m not sure what happened. But I want to try to be part of a generation that will take this challenge on again.

What are practical ways we the Church—not just medical professionals, but anyone—can think outside the box and rally to this cause?

*This is my paraphrase of Evans’ idea, as I remember it. I read the book a decade ago, and I don’t have it handy; but I have tried to represent his position as best I can.

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