Our Advocate In ‘Adam’


My husband and I saw the profoundly thoughtful movie Adam this weekend. For those whose lives have been touched by Asperger’s Syndrome, it’s a must-see.

One of my favorite scenes takes place at the beginning of the story. Adam—the main character of the movie, who has AS—is having a rough day. He is laid off from his job. Then on the way home he is roughed up by a pair of policemen who misinterpret his actions. Now he is at the office of a lawyer who is reviewing the will of Adam’s father, who had been Adam’s main support system before he died six weeks earlier. The lawyer tells Adam that to make ends meet, he will have to sell the only home he has ever lived in.

Now this would be an extremely difficult day for anyone. But for someone with AS, who finds great comfort in routine and consistency, this day becomes unbearable. Understandably, Adam begins to completely melt down, right there in the lawyer’s office.

That’s when Harlan—an uncle figure to Adam who has accompanied him to the office—intervenes. First, he walks over to Adam and coaches him calmly, “Adam, cross your arms over your chest.” *

Next Harlan turns to the lawyer. “Can you send the documents by mail so we can look at them another time?” The lawyer starts to protest, but Harlan gives him a stare-down that stops him mid-sentence. “Of course,” he relents.

Harlan represents such a beautiful picture of God in this scene:

The Holy Spirit, our comforter—who moves toward us and speaks the words we most need to hear when we are in distress.

And Jesus, our advocate—who steps in to shield us and who speaks in our defense.

I’m so grateful to be His.

*Actions like this can soothe those with AS and help them get “re-organized”.

One thought on “Our Advocate In ‘Adam’

  1. Hi Steph. This sounds like a great flick. Bet I can find a copy of it on the street 🙂 Thanks for your comment on my mom story. Would be fun to hear your weekend story sometime! Sorry we missed seeing your this summer but we didn't stay for the big gathering.


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