No Ordinary Love


The other day I was talking with a friend about a woman we know who is leaving her husband after only three years of marriage. My friend theorized that because the woman recently lost a significant amount of weight, she now felt like she deserved someone better. He proposed that people only enter into a romantic relationship with someone they feel is their equal; they won’t ever stoop to be with someone “beneath” them.

That’s probably true for ordinary love.

But there is another kind of love…

The love of Superman, giving up his powers in order to be with Lois Lane in Superman II.

The love of Luthien, relinquishing her immortality in order to follow Beren into death and the life beyond in The Lord of the Rings.

The love of Robertson McQuilkin, leaving his influential post as head of Columbia International University to care full-time for his wife Muriel, who suffered from Alzheimer’s.

The love of Hosea, standing among the crowd at the auction block, waiting to buy his wife Gomer back after she whored herself out to the neighborhood.

This kind of love is a foolish, illogical kind of love, where the line blurs between romantic and ridiculous, between lavish and laughable, between passionate and preposterous, between wild and wasteful.

It’s the kind of love God has for me…for there has never been a more unequal romance in all of history.

I am Lois Lane, lost and lonely, hiding behind a tough exterior of professional success.

I am Beren, staring death in the face, unless someone comes to rescue me.

I am Muriel McQuilken, feeble of mind and body, and terrified.

I am Gomer, soul-scarred from running after lovers I knew were only using me.

And the God of the universe has literally moved heaven and earth to pursue me with a passion that is mind-boggling and heart-melting.

This is no ordinary love.

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