Don’t Miss: ‘We Shall Remain’

we shall remain

I want to highly recommend We Shall Remain, a 5-episode series currently airing on PBS as part of its “American Experience” program. It’s a fascinating look at Native American history, at the time when Europeans began to settle on this land we currently call the United States of America.

The producers of the show have done a great job focusing on a handful of the true, personal stories embedded in the larger clash of cultures of this period.

As an American of European descent, who also follows Jesus and desires people from all cultures around the world to know and follow Him, it is difficult at times to watch this show. The atrocities committed by my people against Native people, often in Jesus’ name, are horrific and heartbreaking.

But if “those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it”, this series is well worth my time.

Episode 1: After the Mayflower aired last Monday night. You can now watch it online here.

Episode 2: Tecumseh’s Vision airs tonight (Monday, April 20), so don’t miss it! Then a new episode will air each of the next three Mondays.

Here’s the trailer for the series:

(If the video doesn’t show up in your browser, click here.)

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